Chronos, Tome 1

Un temps pour jouer 

"Chronos - Un temps pour jouer" is the beginning of a trilogy written for teenagers, but not only...

The author takes us on a breathtaking adventure where reality and the virtual overlap and collide. Volume 1 of Chronos, lays the foundations for a quest featuring Lisa, a teenager who is not feeling good about herself. Her life is transformed the day she enters Gaia, an unknown land accessible only via her computer. 


But what is the purpose of her strange bracelet that links everyday life to this mysterious game? 


Chronos is a great epic full of action, suspense and love, where time flows in a different way. Chronos is also "a novel that can be read at different levels and is thus aimed at a very wide audience, teenagers of course, but also their parents and young adults", explains Marion de Juniac.

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Behind the creation of Chronos 
In 2015, during a business trip to Bolivia, Marion de Juniac observes, in the waiting room of Santa Cruz airport, a young girl completely absorbed by a video game. From this observation was born the idea of following the destiny of an adolescent girl, who gradually gets lost in a virtual world.

The wild nature of Gaia is directly inspired by the landscape of Bolivia: the High Mountains, the El Alto plateau that gave birth to the Nida plain, the fertile Lowlands and finally Lake Titicaca...