Why I (mostly) write fiction

As a writer of fiction, I enjoy liberties non-fiction writers don’t have...

Writing Fiction

As a writer of fiction, I enjoy liberties non-fiction writers don’t have. True stories are interwoven with imaginary worlds; real-life people merge with one another, becoming fictional characters and thus unrecognisable to the people who inspired them; research on specific topics is integrated into my stories without having to be referenced.

"When I write fiction, I am free."

I am free not to use footnotes, references, quotes and the like. I’m free to hide my own opinion on a variety of issues, behind my characters point of view. I’m free to remain silent on where and how and thanks to whom, I find imagination and foster my creativity. It would of course be foolish to relinquish this freedom, which I cherish so dearly, and which is one of the reasons I have become a writer of fiction. And also, I believe it is essential to keep most of my inspiration confidential, in order to disappear behind my characters and let my stories live a life of their own.

Le fil rouge

However, most – if not all of my stories – deal with some underlying issue that I feel strongly about. Something, that I, as a female writer, mother and an engaged human being, I find important enough to spend weeks, months, sometimes even years engaging with. It is on those topics that I would like to focus in this space. Some of these topics have already found their way into my writing, some might become the backbone of a new story, whereas others are just a “fil rouge” in my life.

I would also like to pay tribute to some of the many articles, books and essays I have read and that have influenced my writing.

"Sharing is giving back"

Last but not least, I might – on some stories – reveal what sparked its creation, how it came into being or how I went about writing and revising it. As a young author, I found this information tremendously helpful, whenever other more mature and famous writers, accepted to share it.