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What Is A Good Major For Pharmacy

It’s vital for pharmacists to understand pharmacology because it’s the study of drug action. Many drugs exert their action via receptor agonism or antagonism, while others alter various processes via interaction with both cellular and noncellular components. Didactic coursework in molecular and cell biology can make pharmacology more approachable. September 14, 2016. Biology and chemistry might not be the best prepharmacy majors.

Erik Hefti did an excellent job comparing biology and chemistry majors in preparation for pharmacy school. I’m going to move the discussion to include not only biological and physical sciences, but also humanities. If you are confident about pharmacy school, go BSPS or BS in biochemistry. If you aren't sure about pharmacy but you want to work in science, ChemE might be your best choice (and you can still fulfill pharmacy prereqs in this major - just not as well as biochem/chem/BSPS). FYI biology is never a good choice.

What Is A Good Major For Pharmacy - Discount Place

What Is A Good Major For Pharmacy - Discount Place

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